Written by Student Rights on 17 May 2010 at 2pm

Rock vs. Radicalisation / Electric guitars vs. Extremism

In Pakistan, some cultural practices are being denounced as 'haram' by extremists. In a country with such a rich history of music and poetry, one man stands at the forefront of a battle against this perversion of Islamic history. That man will be joining the Quilliam Foundation touring UK universities and helping the fight against extremism on campuses. That man is Salman Ahmad, one of South Asia's most successful rock musicians.

The Led Zeppelin inspired front man of Junoon will be playing this week at Oxford, Imperial and the London School of Economics in what he describes as 'telling the truth through the power of a guitar'. Salman is dedicated to the counter-radicalisation cause and has himself, 'seen at first hand young Muslims being radicalised by the distorted message of Islam.' Ahmad is a practicing Muslim who lectures part-time on Islamic music and poetry in New York. His aim, he states is to prevent students being brainwashed by “murderous thugs masquerading as holy men”.

We think the idea of promoting the true cultural values and history of Islam is inspired and deserving of great praise. The more brave, talented and educated people we have standing up to pernicious extremists; the safer and more culturally rich and cohesive our society becomes.

Click the image below for the Facebook event where Salman will be playing at the Imperial College London this Thursday, 20th May 2010.