Written by Student Rights on 21 October 2010 at 4pm

Threats on campus- a Quilliam case study

cityisocEarlier this week, the Quilliam Foundation released a report using the City University Islamic Society as a case study.  The report is a fascinating insight into the inner workings of an Islamic society on a campus in the United Kingdom. Student Rights have warned of incidents at City in the past and this report goes to justify our previous comments about the radicalisation taking place on campus and the threats faced by academics and students alike. 

The full report is definitely a worthwhile read, but key elements are listed below.

1. Radicalisation is occuring through the endorsement of jihadist speakers, pro-terrorist ideology and an aggravation of grievances against the West

2. Islamic societies are at grave risk from being taken over by radical Islamists who hijack and pervert the society and Islam in general for global political aims

3. Other Muslims are in danger on campus, with Shia Muslims on the sharp end of 'takfiri' ideology - the idea of excommunicating fellow Muslims who do not comply with strict, literalist religious tenets

4. Egregious preachers are commonplace on campuses around the country with numerous examples cited - oft heard speeches endorse violent acts such as rape and murder - "[In] Islaam a woman is obliged to giver herself to her husband and he may not be charged with rape." / "The one to who [homosexuality] is done is like the one who does it because they both took part in the sin.  So both are to be punished by execution as it says in the hadeeth."

5. Islamic societies are publicising and promoting the works of known terrorists such as Anwar Al-Awlaki

6. Academics are threatened and their images used against their will on websites which seek to 'expose' them for speaking out against radicalisation - Rosie Waterhouse (Senior Lecturer in Investigative Journalism at City University) has stated she was 'shocked' and 'frightened' by the use of her picture and found the Islamic societies' actions a 'deeply disturbing and palpable threat'

7. City Isoc was led by a particularly intimidating individual who ordered that Muslim women (sisters) "leave the university by 4pm" every day following tensions on campus.  This ran contrary to university and police guidelines.  The Isoc President stated, "Any sister who stays behind by Allah, on the day of judgment I will speak against you."

The list goes on.  Clearly there are serious problems not just at City University but across the country where incidents like those above continue to fester under the surface.  Student Rights work over the forthcoming year will seek to expose and fight back against extremist encroachment onto university campuses.