Written by Student Rights on 26 October 2010 at 5pm

"Suicidal. Don't push me."

74402_156428371061452_100000828694075_239179_6058920_nThe Queen Mary University of London AhlulBayt Society (a Shia Islamic Society) will soon be hosting a speaker who goes by the name of 'Mohammed Amin'Amin is described as an 'Aeronautical Engineer' and graduate of the Islamic seminary of Qom, Iran.

What's striking about this event is the name "Suicidal.  Don't push me." While the President of the society was unavailable for comment at the time of publishing this post, it must be said that without further explanation, the contents of the 'short lecture' could be seen to be highly controversial.  AhlulBayt socities have a history of supporting the Iranian regime and even have links to Ahmadinejad's state-run propaganda machine, Press TV.

Responses on the Facebook event page range from, "that is soooo going to make what I have to say seem  insignificant.." to, "Brother Mohammad Amin is giving a lecture???? NO WAY! I'm there!" Certainly a controversial title for an event isn't proof in itself of any foul play, but it harms the common good when no further details are published, no one from the society is available for comment and when an AhlulBayt society hosted this event only recently - we have to draw evidence based conclusions. This could be a harmless speech, but when you consider the flip side - we tend to err on the side of caution.