Written by Student Rights on 5 November 2010 at 1pm

Advisory Board Member Rob Halfon raises extremism on campus issue in Parliament

Our advisory board member Robert Halfon MP has raised an important question to the British Home Secretary in relation to radicalisation on campus.  The question can be found by clicking here or the text has been included below: (Citation: HC Deb, 1 November 2010, c641)

Robert Halfon (Harlow) I commend the security services for doing a remarkable job, but does not the incident involving the Detroit bomber show that other parts of civil society, such as our universities, are failing to get a grip on Islamist extremists? Does the Home Secretary agree that, for our fight against terrorism to succeed, we need to deal effectively with the conveyor belt to terrorism, just as we must deal with the terrorists themselves?

Theresa May (Home Secretary) My hon. Friend has raised an important point. I hope that I can reassure him that, alongside our work on the incident at the weekend and on reviewing our counter-terrorism legislation, we are also looking at the development of extremism and the process of radicalisation. It is important that we ensure that people do not get drawn into a radicalised agenda that leads to extremism, violence and terror. That work is ongoing.