Written by Student Rights on 8 November 2009 at 6pm

No platform for Al-Awlaki?

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We have of course recently seen much in the news about extremism and radicalisation.  The cargo bomb plot and the stabbing of Stephen Timms MP most recently remind us of how susceptible some individuals are to extremist propaganda.  Dozens of UK students are thought to have links with jihadist groups or individuals, with even younger groups targeted with hateful propaganda.

With this in mind, I am urging those with a stake in the future of young, impressionable students to condemn Anwar Al-Awlaki and do your utmost to ensure that your campus adopts a ‘no-platform policy’ on this man and his associates. We know that YouTube has removed some of his material from their website, yet his comments are still disseminated through a multitude of channels here in the UK.  Notably, institutions which were defended as ‘representative’ are now being ‘found out’

The largest and most vulnerable group targeted is that of students, specifically in Islamic societies.  The debate continues about a recent report excusing conditions on UCL campus of being conducive to radicalisation.  The report made little sense to experts in the field. The Federation of Student Islamic Societies has previously endorsed Awlaki as a speaker (although they now plead ignorance) as well as the East London Mosque hosting the man and only last year, the City University Islamic Society boasted of broadcasting a video message by Awlaki at their Annual Dinner.

As a gesture of solidarity against incitement to violence, extremism and radicalisation on campus, I urge you to speak out against this man.  Radicalisation on university campuses is a serious and growing issue.  Student Rights has existed for over a year to help combat this and we would greatly appreciate your support.