Written by Student Rights on 24 January 2011 at 2pm

Student Rights cited in House of Commons debate (20/01/11)

A debate on anti-Semitism which took place in Westminster Hall on Thursday 20th January 2011 cited some recent Student Rights work following the London School of Economics events with Abdel Bari Atwan and our wider work on extremism on campuses. 

You can watch the whole debate here:

In his speech to the attendees at the debate, Robert Halfon MP highlighted the issues surrounding anti-Semitism on campuses, Hizb-ut-Tahrir (the Islamist group) and the London School of Economics’ Middle East Centre – issues which Student Rights have been at the forefront of investigating.

Mr. Halfon stated, “Late last year MI5 identified as many as 39 university campuses as vulnerable to violent extremism. The London School of Economics, as has been mentioned, has increasingly serious problems not just with students but with its professional staff. The involvement, for example, of Dr John Chalcraft and Professor Martha Mundy with its middle east centre is worrying.

Those two senior LSE academics are extreme advocates of the movement to boycott Israel on the international stage. As the organisation Student Rights has shown, they have a track record of intense hostility to Israel and the Jewish people. As with many so-called study centres for the middle east, much of the funding flows from mysterious trusts and foundations in Islamic dictatorships, whose accounts are not transparent.

A further example is the LSE's Palestine society, which is soon to host a visit by Ahron Cohen, a leading anti-Zionist, whose conference expenses are usually paid for by the Iranian Foreign Ministry, and who stated in The Sunday Times that the Jews who died in the holocaust deserved it. Those people do not help the debate.

They do not promote peace, and the LSE has a duty to explain why it allows those things to continue.”

[click here for the whole debate presented on Hansard]