Written by Student Rights on 28 March 2011 at 2pm

'London School of Extremism' stays on message...

0 UPDATE: Nir Rosen has resigned his position.  A statement from the LSE says: "Nir Rosen today resigned his temporary visiting fellowship at LSE - which was an unpaid position. LSE had already made clear it condemned the offensive comments he made about Lara Logan and others."

Reports are coming in that the London School of Economics, dubbed by some lately as the London School of Extremism, has appointed Nir Rosen as a research fellow at the Gaddafi funded Global Governance Centre. Rosen recently quit the New York University 'in disgrace' following offensive tweets regarding CBS and CNN correspondents who were physically and sexually abused in Egypt during the recent uprising.

Raheem Kassam, Director of Student Rights has said, "If what Mr. Rosen is alleged to have said is true, then this is a sickening twist in an already lurid saga of extremists and hateful people using the LSE as the Gaddafi's recent did." Reportedly to be paid up to £50,000 from LSE's coffers, Rosen has also been criticised for his Facebook account which allegedly hosted a picture of his son wearing a Hezballah (terrorist organisation) t-shirt.25193_365028252558_611682558_5303579_5766807_n Kassam went on to comment, "If indeed Mr. Rosen is a Hezballah supporter as some reports suggest, then the management of the LSE must immediately halt operations of the Global Governance Centre and launch a full transparent investigation."

These reports will be especially damaging for the LSE given their recent admission of guilt over the Gaddafi bloody money, stories of their Middle East Centre bias and the previous incident regarding an alleged member of Hizb-ut-Tahrir teaching on campus. This weekend, Mr Rosen used his Twitter account to announce: "I am now a Fellow at the London School of Economics Center for the Study of Global Governance. So now I write Center "centre". Cheerio!" dailycaller-1.com_1

Update from the Evening Standard: Rosen will work in London alongside Alia Brahimi, a researcher who described Gaddafi as "Brother Leader" and went on expenses-paid trips to Tripoli and to stay with the tyrant's son at his holiday home in Greece.

Mr Rosen's appointment is believed to have been sanctioned by Mary Kaldor, co-director of the global governance centre, thought to be a friend of Mr Rosen.