Written by Student Rights on 13 April 2011 at 3pm

Update on Nir Rosen LSE disgrace


Today, a Student Rights Freedom of Information request has revealed information pertaining to the appointment of the disgraced journalist Nir Rosen.

Readers will recall that in late March 2011, it emerged that Nir Rosen, a man who has been accused of harbouring Hezbollah sympathies and making nonsensical, offensive claims about Western journalists who were assaulted in Egypt.

Student Rights are hereby publishing the information obtained through the FOI request for the interest of our members.  It has emerged that: -  Prof. Mary Kaldor, Director of the Centre for Global Governance, sponsored the appointment of Mr. Rosen -  The position was to be unpaid -  Nir Rosen was to remain a visiting fellow until 2014

Click here to read the documents from the LSE to Rosen Click here to read Prof. Mary Kaldor's request to appoint Nir Rosen