Written by Student Rights on 15 April 2011 at 5pm

Blood Stained Money Funded Exeter University

The Gaddafi regimes funding of the LSE through the guise of the Gaddafi Foundation was apparent not a flash in the pan. Student Rights has uncovered the fact that Exeter University accepted at least £30,690 from the Libyan Petroleum Institute.

Exeter University has stated that the funding was used to award “two studentships”. This is of course in addition to the £75m deal which The Guardian newspaper reported previously. The Libyan Petroleum Institute is an institute which was owned and run by the Libyan National Oil Company, the institutes purpose is said to mainly focus on “conducting scientific research supporting the oil industry”. 

As much as this seems like an innocent activity with further investigation it appears that the organisation is in fact part of the Gaddafi regimes infrastructure. The LPI as described above is part of the Libyan National Oil Company an organisation which tellingly was sanctioned by the US government in response to the brutal actions of the Gaddafi regime against the Libyan people.

What must be realised is that by offering education to these two individuals Exeter University has potentially directly assisted the Gaddafi regime.  Ultimately it is clear that the “Libyan NOC is an arm of the state” and currently the Libyan ‘state’ is using its arms to brutalise the Libyan people. The argument that was used by LSE to defend itself was that ‘the British government had warmed relations with Gaddafi’ so why shouldn’t we? 

Many universities hold their moral standing on various issues as completely at odds with the UK government and therefore, it serves no purpose to make this claim. Exeter University should act in the interest of students, academic freedoms and moral governance.  Exeter University should now use the money to offset the damage caused by the assistance it has clearly provided to the Gaddafi regime.