Written by Student Rights on 27 April 2011 at 10am

Britain: The radicalisation hub

sharia-will-dominate-the-worldFollowing the recent Wikileaks revelations, a disturbing reiteration of Britain’s position as the preeminent radicalisation hub’ of Europe has been thrust into the public sphere.  To call Britain a “crucible of terrorism” as The Telegraph proclaimed is hard for many to fathom. 

The general public would normally expect to see the word Yemen or Saudi Arabia as a precursor to the above statement, but, Britain is in fact and has been for a while. Since the ‘covenant of security’ days in the 1990s and early 2000s, many Islamists were known to be residing in the UK but were given a wide berth so as not to draw attention towards the United Kingdom.

This ridiculous policy has left Britain embedded with the deep roots of extremism. The ‘Guantanamo Files’ have stated that the Finsbury Park Mosque had been described as a “haven for extremists” and that it had served as “an attack planning and propaganda production base”. The individuals who acted as radicalisers-in-chief, Abu Hamza-al-Masri and Abu Qatada are now being detained. Despite these positive movements the reality of extremists purporting radicalism still plagues our society.

The individuals who attempt to draw people towards their vicious polemic still peddle it freely without reprimand. All of these individuals impart perspectives that encourage violence, dissent towards the values of liberal societies and hatred of the law, derived from man, rather than from go. 

Yet they go unchallenged. Even though they are rarely in the public eye these individuals are no less of a threat to our society than Abu Hamza was. Mozzam Begg the one-time Guantanamo detainee and self-proclaimed ‘passer-by’ of “two Islamic militant training camps in Afghanistan” has also been mentioned in this group.

He has spoken at numerous British universities with his organisation, CagePrisoners.  This widespread presence on campuses makes him one of the most prolific Muslim individuals speaking about the War-on-Terror on university campuses. What this shows is that by no means have we in Britain come through the drought of morality and sensibility which has allowed these individuals to persist in their divisive actions.

The culture of appeasement has left a ‘hangover’ of fear of ‘oppressing’ these dangerous individuals. This ‘hangover’ can clearly be seen as hazardous to any slightly incisive person but it persists. If Britain is to rid itself of the shameful title of “the world terrorist hub” this culture must be stopped and stronger action must be taken to combat the violent narrative spread by these egregious individuals.

by James Gourlay