Written by Student Rights on 19 January 2012 at 5pm

Queen Mary make statement on violent threat incident

Earlier this week, a man made violent threats against university students attempting to host a debate into Sharia Law. Queen Mary University, where the incident took place, has released the following statement. Student Rights are closely monitoring the situation and the police investigation to ensure this matter is properly dealt with. 

Professor Simon Gaskell, Principal of Queen Mary, University of London said: "We are concerned about reports of a disturbance at a recent meeting of the Atheism, Secularism and Humanism Society. 

"The democratic right to freedom of expression and debate is one Queen Mary strongly upholds and promotes. Talks, meetings and debates are held   peacefully at Queen Mary on a daily basis and we will continue to host such events. 

"We are equally committed to our duty of care to students. A police investigation of Monday night's incident is currently underway and Queen Mary will conduct its own review. We will do our utmost to ensure this occurrence is not repeated and that our students are able to gather and engage in debate freely without interference of any kind."