Written by Student Rights on 15 February 2012 at 7pm

Islamic Society removes videos after latest SR report

Last month Student Rights issued a report into the nature of ‘online radicalisation’. The report featured a case study analysing the nature of online activity on the London South Bank University Islamic Society (LSBU ISoc) Facebook page. Today, the following statement was posted to the LSBU ISoc Facebook page.

Some video content has now been removed from the LSBU Islamic Society Facebook wall to protect the students, the reputation of the society and the Students’ Union and to avoid any perceived association with extremism, which we do not condone in any way shape or form. Students can feel free to contact the ISoc for advice on how to deal with extremism or any of the issues.”


This statement refers to a number of videos featuring speeches by the late jihadi recruiter Sheikh Anwar Al-Awlaki. These videos have since been removed and it is encouraging to see that our report has been taken seriously by the relevant people at the Islamic Society.

They have also removed a video featuring Zahir Mahmood, a man who has declared that “Hamas are not terrorists” although there is still a video of Haitham al-Haddad available despite recent concerns expressed over his public statements.

Student Rights will continue its hard work in rooting out extremism and radicalisation on campuses. If you want to help us, find out more by clicking here.