Written by Student Rights on 23 February 2012 at 12pm

Murtaza Khan to address students at London Met (Update: Event Cancelled)

UPDATE: Student Rights have received a message from the Student Union President at London Metropolitan University who has informed us that this event has now been cancelled due to "room booking problems". It has been moved by the Islamic Society to the Holloway Road Masjid and students are still being encouraged to attend. 

As Islamic Societies at universities across the country hold their Islam Awareness Weeks this month London Metropolitan University Islamic Society will be holding an event this Friday featuring a man whose extreme views have been highlighted by Student Rights before.

Called ‘Strangers’, the event’s speaker is Murtaza Khan, who addressed students at London South Bank University as recently as the 6th January when he gave a talk called ‘The Reality of this Dunya’. Khan is a frequent speaker on university campuses and has also been the visiting khateeb at the University of East London, giving the Friday sermon to students.  In 2008 he was also invited to teach a short Islamic course at Queen Mary University.   

This is despite his view that homosexuality is an “abominable action which goes against humanity” and that the correct punishment for such acts is death. These virulently homophobic ideas spread discord on campuses and can lead to LGBT students feeling unwelcome and unsafe at their universities. For this reason alone Khan’s views should be challenged yet he has also been recorded spreading communal division as well.

In 2007 he was filmed by an undercover team from Channel 4 askingfor how long do we have to see our mothers, sisters and daughters having to uncover themselves before these filthy non-Muslim doctors?” He also stated that “we have become Jews in our clothing, Jews in our eating, Jews in everything that we do, and the other half is Christian in everything we do. Muslims are following one of these accursed nations. And people are still not waking up to understand the fact that these people are enemies towards us”.

Alongside this he has also declared his support for harsh punishments for adultery and fornication, including flogging and death by stoning yet he is being promoted by the Islamic Society to young Muslims at London Met.

 One student on their Facebook page has said “Im [sic] a first yr[...]n I was advised by my bruvas [sic] to join the isoc to meet Asians and stuff...I wouldn’t say im[sic] the perfect i doubt the isoc is the one 4 me” only to have the Islamic Society reply deffo[sic] bro try and come to our events. The bruddas [sic] in the isoc are blessed. We’re not perfect Muslims as well bro know [sic] one is, this is why we should chill together to remind each other inshallah. Come to our event this Friday[...]Murtaza Khan will be giving a lecture...if you don’t know about him check him out on youtube”.

Compounding this is the posting of a video by Khalid Yasin on the event wall by the Islamic Society. Yasin’s extreme views have also been highlighted in the past, including misogynistic statements such as “this whole delusion of equality of women is a bunch of foolishness. There’s no such thing”.

He has also encouraged distrust of non-believers, saying that “you are watching kaffir TVs, and your wife is watching right now, and your children are watching it right now, and they are being polluted, and they are being penetrated, and they are being infected, so that your children and you go out as Muslims and come back to the house as kaffirs”.  

That these views are being promoted by the Islamic Society is something that we at Student Rights find deeply worrying, particularly as they are being suggested to new students. We will be calling on the university to ensure that this event and its speaker are not able to spread hate and division amongst students, and to make sure that those who attend this event are aware of Khan’s extreme views.