Written by Student Rights on 23 March 2012 at 4pm

Gay Star News: Muslim gay hate preacher banned from speaking at university

By Matthew Jenkin

22nd March 2012

An Islamic hate preacher who calls gay people 'animals' has been stopped from speaking at an English university.

Sheikh Assim Al-Hakeem was due to talk on marriage in Islam at the University of Hertfordshire today.

However, the event, organized by the Student Union Islamic Society, was cancelled after extremism watchdog Student Rights campaigned to ban the Muslim preacher who teaches that ‘homosexuality is an illness’.

In a video on YouTube in which he is asked whether being gay is wrong, Al-Hakeem says homosexuality is ‘unnatural’.

‘If you refer to the Old Testament, you will find that homosexuality is forbidden and the punishment for that is stoning to death. In Islam, the same thing applies.

He added: ‘Homosexuality is an abnormality which should be treated and should not be accepted as a normal thing.’

In answer to a question on his website, Al-Hakeem also compares gay people to 'animals that seek only their sexual satisfaction through their weird ways'.

Raheem Kassam, the director of Student Rights, said he is delighted ‘common sense’ has prevailed.

‘It is encouraging that vile views such as those espoused by Al-Hakeem are not tolerated at Hertfordshire University,’ he said.

‘They would not be tolerated in open society and nor should university students be subjected to them.

‘All too often preachers like Al-Hakeem are paraded around university campuses as experts and manage to disseminate their hateful ideas, dressing them up as scripture and radicalizing young people. It has to stop.’