Written by Student Rights on 21 August 2012 at 6pm

Videos featuring Feiz Mohammed raise further concern about London Met Islamic Society (Update: Further video of Feiz Mohammed shared)

UPDATE: A video featuring a speech by Feiz Mohammed discussing the importance of remembering death has also been shared with students at Nottingham Trent University Islamic Society. 

UPDATE: The London Metropolitan University Islamic society has since shared another video of Feiz Mohammed with their students, in which Mohammed shows his religious intolerance by declaring that "there are two paths, there is Islam and there is kufr. No other religion...You're either a Muslim or you're a kaffir, it doesn't matter what kind of kaffir you are!"   

In the last few months articles on this website have mentioned the Islamic Society at London Metropolitan University a number of times, as students there have shared videos featuring extremists including Anwar Al-Awlaki on the group’s Facebook page.

This week the Facebook administrators have once again come to our attention, sharing several videos featuring the Australian preacher Feiz Mohammed, described in 2007 as “Australia’s most dangerous sheikh”. 

Last Friday, a video entitled ‘O Allah: Give victory to Burma’ was shared with students who were told “please listen...Shaykh Feiz”.

Since then, another video featuring a speech by Feiz Mohammed called ‘The Hellfire’ has also been shared with students which describes the extent of the torments experienced by those who have sinned.

Whilst these videos were not particularly extreme in their content, Mohammed has a history of extremist rhetoric, and was the centre of a storm of controversy in 2007 after comments made in 2003 came to light in which he said:

"We want to have children and offer them as soldiers defending Islam...Teach them this: there is nothing more beloved to me than wanting to die as a Mujahid...Put in their soft, tender hearts the zeal of jihad and a love of martyrdom".

He has since compounded this with further divisive statements, including that the “Jews and the Christians will never stop fighting the Muslims unless they follow their path. They will continue plotting against the Muslims. They want to remove the Koran as the source of our law and guidance”.

In the same speech he went on to claim that “the war on terrorism is nothing but a war on Islam and on Muslims” and declared “what happens when you become loyal to the kuffar?  Our further destruction”.  

In September 2010 he suggested that the Far-Right Dutch MP Geert Wilders would be beheaded in an Islamic state, saying that “in Islam, anyone that mocks Islam, anyone that laughs about Islam, anyone that degrades Islam, the punishment whether he’s a Muslim or non-Muslim, of mocking Islam, is death”.

He has also been shown to be virulently homophobic, calling homosexuality the “worst, disgusting, scummy, dirty, filthy, abominated, act on the face of this earth” and stating that homosexuals would also be killed in an Islamic state.

As well as this, his bigotry and prejudice extends to blaming women who are subject to sexual violence, declaring in March 2005 that a victim of rape has “no one to blame but herself” as “she displayed her beauty to the entire world”. 

That we are once again writing about the promotion of an individual with such views by students at London Metropolitan University is deeply concerning, and suggests that a small minority in charge of the society Facebook page are endorsing an extreme and intolerant version of Islam.

Here at Student Rights we have urged the university on a number of occasions to discuss this issue with the Islamic Society, and to make them aware of their responsibilities to their members, yet these still videos continue to be posted, suggesting that this is yet to happen.