Written by Student Rights on 5 September 2012 at 4pm

IERA training workshop at De Montfort University features Yusuf Chambers

This summer Student Rights has been highlighting the sheer volume of off-campus events featuring intolerant and extremist speakers that have been promoted to students via social media sites like Facebook.

This weekend the events return to campus, with De Montfort University playing host to a three day workshop run by the Islamic Education and Research Academy (IERA) which will focus on training attendees in Da’wah activity.

Promoted to student Islamic Societies at the Universities of Aston, Leicester, Birmingham and De Montfort itself, the event will feature lectures from Yusuf Chambers, whose intolerance has been highlighted by Student Rights in the past.

Challenged by students when he was booked to speak at York University, Chambers has been criticised for claiming that homosexuality is something that “is bad for you” and for supporting the death penalty for LGBT individuals.

In a discussion with Dr Zakir Naik, a former IERA trustee who has been barred from entering the UK, Chambers said JazakAllah Khair (May Allah grant you goodness) for clearing that issue up” when told that “homosexuality is forbidden in Islam and the punishment for homosexuality is death”.

In the same discussion he also askedmay Allah allow us to bring back that punishment to protect all humanity” when told that “anyone who does zina [fornication] who is married...the punishment is giving them 100 stripes. Lashing them 100 times and then stoning to death”.

As part of IERA, whose speakers include Hamza Tzortzis and Abdurraheem Green, Chambers appears to be heavily involved in the ‘Mission Dawah’ project, which aims to “to establish a "mass movement" in dawah through training and mobilising a network of du'aat or Islamic missionaries”.

That an organisation which includes figures like Chambers, Tzortzis and Green both trains missionaries, and then works with new Muslims, is deeply concerning. The fact that students are being encouraged to help them in this effort only compounds this.