Written by Student Rights on 15 October 2012 at 4pm

The 'National Culturists' - A Student Rights Briefing

A Student Rights briefing, released today, documents the formation of a new Far-Right group linked to the British National Party (BNP) operating on campus at the University of Liverpool.

Founded by Jack Buckby, a politics student at the university, the National Culturists (NC) claims to stand for equality and diversity, as well as highlighting the preservation of national identity and explicitly rejects claims of racism.

Despite this, the group has called for “the complete and immediate de-islamisation of Great Britain”, declared that it “will campaign for the banning of mosques, halal meat and the covering of the face” and demanded that “regular checks on Islamic families should be performed by social services” and that “any Islamic institutions in Britain should immediately be shut down”.

Members of the group also like a number of deeply concerning Facebook pages, including ‘British Friends of Golden Dawn’, ‘Imperial Fascist League’ and ‘Against White Genocide’, a page which promotes racial hatred and includes Nazi imagery. Another member likes ‘Northwest Front’, a page run by a US white-supremacist movement.

The NC’s main aim appears to be making nationalist politics appealing to young people. It makes clear that it plans to do this by targeting students for recruitment, writing that “the National Culturists hopes to start establishing a membership base within universities across the UK”.

Buckby, who addressed a meeting in Chester of the Far-Right ‘Alliance of European National Movements’ (AENM) in July 2012, has also declared “if we could utilise a word like this [culturalism]...then there’s perhaps a better chance that we can get young people involved with movements like the British National Party”.

Further links to the BNP and other Far-Right groups are barely disguised, with Buckby and Nick Griffin pictured together, as well as members saying in a video on the group’s website that “we have received support from numerous political parties; not just the British National Party of course, but the British Freedom Party”.

Raheem Kassam, the Director of Student Rights has said “this attempt to attract more young people to racist politics should be deeply concerning for those who believe in challenging extremism of all kinds on our university campuses. Universities should be standing up to hatred and intolerance, and regardless of whether it originates from Islamist or Far-Right sources it should be rejected wherever democratically possible.