Written by Student Rights on 7 November 2012 at 2pm

Abort67 continue their university tour in Nottingham - WARNING: Contains graphic imagery (Update: More campuses visited by Abort67)

UPDATE: Student Rights have learned that Abort67 have set up their demonstration at the University of Bristol today.

UPDATE: Student Rights have learned that Abort67 appeared at the University of Liverpool today, posting pictures of its demonstration on Facebook. It also appears that it visited the University of Cambridge on Monday 5th November. That the group is now actively targeting university campuses is clear, please get in touch with our researcher Rupert Sutton if you see them on your campus.

Following Student Rights article about Abort67’s demonstration at the University of Sussex on the 22nd of October, a number of pro-choice campaigners suggested that they had heard the group planned to take its message on the road to other universities around the UK.

Yesterday this appears to have taken place, with the student newspaper at the University of Nottingham reporting that the group had set up its displays near the entrance of the University Park Campus.

Notorious for its use of extremely graphic imagery, the group displayed a number of banners featuring pictures of aborted foetuses and attempted to engage students in debate on the issue before heavy rain led to it leaving the campus.

The group was opposed on campus by the Student Union Women’s Network, which took along signs to try and cover up the images. Rose Bonner, the Women’s Officer stated that she and her members were “here because, as the Women’s Network, we’re pro-choice. We’re doing a Cover-Up Campaign”.

They were joined in their opposition to the group by the Student Union, which released a statement highlighting that Abort67’s intimidation and graphic propaganda...[could]...result in students feeling harassed and victimised.

Abort67 has a history of intimidating women outside abortion clinics, as well as handing out misleading information to scaremonger about the risks of abortion.

In March 2012 a rape victim was filmed by the group as she visited an abortion clinic in Brighton, leading her to say that “I feel intimidated by being filmed. I was raped and have post traumatic stress disorder. I felt calm coming here and now I can’t breathe and feel panicky and judged”.

The group’s director Kathryn Attwood told students yesterday that carrying a baby conceived through rape to term was a good thing as it was “overcoming the rape because it brought life out of a deathly situation”.

She also defended opposing abortion even in cases of incest by stating that “You would never kill people when they’re born with a disability or illness from that circumstance so why would you justify killing them in the womb?

Members of Abort67 were filmed earlier this year telling women that abortion could lead to infertility or even breast cancer.

One campaigner also told the person filming them that 80% of women who have abortions suffer mental health issues as a result, including suicidal tendencies, whilst a leaflet collected by pro-choice activists claims that abortion is “the business of genocide” and that women should “not rely on your GP, or an abortion clinic for the truth”.

That Abort67 now appears to be targeting university campuses as a systematic tactic is deeply concerning. Students should never feel that they cannot express pro-life views, but the presence of an aggressive, intolerant, external anti-abortion organisation on campuses should be opposed.