Written by Student Rights on 8 November 2012 at 6pm

Kingston University Islamic Society and Dr Khalid Fikry

Two weeks ago on the 24th October the London Metropolitan University Islamic Society held an event off-campus at the Holloway Road Mosque featuring the resolutely sectarian speaker Dr Khalid Fikry.

Perhaps mindful of the university’s commendable position of refusing permission for extremist individuals to speak on the campus, the group clearly realised that it would be easier to avoid controversy by keeping Dr Fikry’s bigoted views away from the campus.

Today, Kingston University Islamic Society will show that not all societies are faced with such opposition from their university when they will host an on-campus event entitled ‘Excellent Moral Character’ at which Fikry will be the main speaker.

Given that Fikry has claimed that the Shia are one of the worst and greatest enemies against our Ummah nowadays” and has stated that Shia believe “killing the Sunni is to raise your rank in Paradise, raping a Sunni woman is a matter that pleases Allah”, this risks creating an environment on campus in which Shia students are likely to feel threatened and marginalised.

This is highlighted by the fact that just days after he was invited to speak at London Met, the Islamic Society liked a Facebook page called ‘Reality of Shia’ which says that Shias are not Muslims” and that “we must destroy all false beliefs that were added into Islam after the death of the Prophet”.

Fikry is also alleged to be the author of this tribute to Omar Abdul Rahmandescribed by terrorism expert Quintan Wiktorowicz as “the former mufti of Islamic Jihad and the Gamiyya Islamiyya who is currently serving a life sentence for conspiracy to commit terrorism in the United States”.

In it, the author states that Rahman was convicted as a result of “a false accusation and a political court” and that “all its witness were from the hired agents who have done their role, then the Jew Judge used laws that were dead and never used for hundreds of years to judge him”.

Compounding Fikry's invite is a recent post by the Kingston Islamic Society which expresses support for the charity Helping Households Under Great Stress (HHUGS), featured in a recent article by Student Rights.

The post encourages students to donate and states that HHUGSare doing the work me and you should be”. This is despite the fact that as recently as 2011 it was urging supporters to write to detainees including Khalid Al-Fawwaz, Osama Bin Laden’s former UK spokesman.

Here at Student Rights we feel that this support for virulent sectarianism, and the promotion of a charity which has encouraged support for individuals with clear links to terrorism, to be something that Kingston University should be investigating.