Written by Student Rights on 30 November 2012 at 4pm

UCL equality policy in action

This afternoon the University College London (UCL) Islamic Society will be hosting Jalal Ibn Saeed at an event entitled ‘Muhammad: The man who changed the world’.

Student Rights have written about Ibn Saeed on a number of occasions in the past, as he has disparaged other religious groups in his sermons, using Jews as an example to be shunned when he saidWe selfishly live like the Jews, who only care about themselves and call the rest a goyim, those who are damned”. 

This could potentially break the university’s policy on equality and diversity, so Student Rights contacted the university asking for assurances that a staff member would be present at this event to ensure that Saeed was not able to attack other faiths in this way.

UCL replied and informed us that following our letter they had checked to ensure that both appropriate security had been provided for the event, and that a paid member of staff would be present, finding that these conditions were to be met.

Here at Student Rights we are glad to see that even in situations when a speaker does not pose an extremist threat, some universities are working to make sure that those individuals with the potential to breach equality guidelines are not given free rein to do so.