Written by Student Rights on 17 January 2013 at 6pm

Senior National Culturists organiser shares Loyalist paramilitary videos

In October last year Student Rights released a short briefing about a far-right group with links to the BNP that had been set up by a student at the University of Liverpool.

The National Culturists had called for “the complete and immediate de-islamisation of Great Britain”, had links to a number of far-right figures, and appeared to exist in order to promote Nationalist politics to students.

One member, the group’s ‘North West Regional Organiser’ Craig Cooke, has a history of extremist views, including liking a page on Facebook which promoted racial hatred and included Nazi imagery and utilising Neo-Nazi code.

He also shared a video on his Facebook page which defends Anders Breivik and declares “There have been no innocent children in the Marxist political training and brainwash camp of Utoya. They have been radical political activists who have been fully aware of what they are plotting”, and that the victims “sow the wind and reap the storm”.

In the past two weeks Student Rights have found that Cooke has also shared two videos on Facebook that support the proscribed Loyalist paramilitary organisation the Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF), responsible for 147 killings during the Troubles, of which 130 were civilians.

The first of these, a marching song shared on 3rd January, chants “raise the standards, raise them high, unfurl the red hand [paramilitary emblem] and let it fly” and “Ulster Freedom Fighters we, whose cause is life and liberty”.

The second is more worrying. A punk song by the skinhead band Razor’s Edge shared on the 12th January, it includes lyrics such as “shoot the fuckers dead” and “take no Provo prisoners, blow them all away”.

Whilst Cooke is not believed to be a current student, his senior role in a group which is active on campus and openly seeks to recruit students is deeply concerning.

The sharing of material that is supportive of terrorists like Breivik or the UFF by an individual who was last published on the group's website just yesterday raises further questions about the National Culturists, and as such we would once again reiterate our call for the University of Liverpool to investigate them.