Written by Student Rights on 13 February 2013 at 1pm

'Muslim Identity' and Uthman Lateef

Back on 22nd January Student Rights highlighted that Uthman Lateef, the former director of the Hittin Institute, would be speaking at Aston University.

At the time we wrote that the decision to allow Lateef to speak should have been investigated by the university given that he had been barred from speaking at both London Met and Nottingham Trent Universities during 2012.

This afternoon Lateef will once again feature on a university campus as he addresses the UCL School of Pharmacy Islamic Society on the topic of Muslim identity and the challenges of living in the West.


Since Lateef has been recorded stating that “if we are teaching the way of life of the disbelievers, of the kuffar, Allah will bring humiliation on us”, the question of what he will be teaching students certainly raises its head.

He has also stated that Muslims should beware of being sold “a democratic Islam...the redefined, repackaged Islam. The so-called Islam that speaks of abolition of Sharia, like we don’t need Sharia anymore”.

The now-defunct Hittin Institute believed in religious governance, stating that it “regard[ed] grossly erroneous any allusion to Islam’s separating of politics with belief”.

It also suggested an Islamic Social Model as a replacement for what it deemed Western liberalism, despite acknowledging that this could not “be established successfully without a fully functioning Islamic Government, also known as the Khilafah”.

To compound these statements, in 2007 Lateef was recorded telling students at Queen Mary University that “we don’t accept homosexuality...we hate it because Allah hates it”. 

If Lateef still believes these things it is unlikely that the ‘Muslim identity’ he will be discussing will be a tolerant and integrated one.

Here at Student Rights we will be contacting the university to make them aware of our concerns, and to ensure that a member of staff is present during the talk.