Written by Student Rights on 6 March 2013 at 10pm

February event at Aston University features Abu Salahudeen

Student Rights have learned that Abu Salahudeen, featured in our report ‘Challenging Extremists: Practical frameworks for our universities”, was invited to speak at Aston University on the 20th February.

In the report we highlighted his extreme views, quoting a video shared on YouTube in which he attempts to incite hatred by stating:

As long as the west continues to use military power to suppress, oppress, torture, rape, murder, genocide, ethnocide Muslims off the face of the planet Earth, we must stand up and defend ourselves”.

More disturbing is that he continues on to say:

I’m not telling you brothers to do it here in England, you have to do what your conscience and your Imaan feels is best for you. I can’t tell you what to do, but I’ll tell you this much. As long as the West continues to define the torture in a bloody manner, then maybe we have to go down a bloody route”.

He then declares “in all capital crimes you execute the criminal. It’s not for me to tell you how to undertake it, or even to undertake it, but I am merely giving you the verdict”.

In another speech called ‘Media Attack on Islam’, at an event called ‘The Battle: Truth Vs Falsehood’, he claims that “the second major influence within the media are the Jews”.

He also tells listeners that the media is dominated by hatred of Muslims, and that the purpose of this is to “create a condition that will lead to the kufr’s final solution against Muslims globally...leading to the extermination of Muslims around the globe; that is the use of the media”.

His talk on the 20th was on Malcolm X, and featured a large picture of X carrying a rifle, whilst prior to the event, on 26th January, he shared a picture via his Facebook which declared:

Rejecting democracy and man-made law does not make me a radical or extremist Muslim. Supporting jihad against occupiers does not make me al-Qaida [sic]. Working for the Khilafah does not make me Hizb ut-Tahrir. Believing that voting for man to make law is shirk (forbidden) does not make me Al-Muhajiroun.

Praying in the masjid does not make me Tableeghi. Rising against the apostate leaders of Muslim countries today does not make me Khawarij. Believing that all innovations are bad does not make me Wahhabi. All of the above make me Muslim!

That a man who incites hatred and fear of the West in this way is addressing students is deeply concerning, yet he has spoken on campus at Aston twice before, in February and March 2012.

We will be alerting Aston University of Salahudeen’s views and recommending that they both discuss the inappropriate nature of his invitation with the university Islamic Society, and that he not be given an unopposed platform on the campus in future.