Written by Student Rights on 11 March 2013 at 6pm

IERA's Yusuf Chambers claims UCL ban is Islamophobic

Following the news that the Islamic Education and Research Academy (IERA) had been barred from campus at University College London after attempting to enforce gender segregation, one of the group's senior members has taken to Facebook to accuse the university of Islamophobia.

Yusuf Chambers, whose homophobic views Student Rights have written on in the past, claimed that:

"UCL banned iERA for allowing gender segregation at their debate this weekend. Where has the justice gone? We are truly living in the last days, we have reached a tipping point in the West, the time for practicing your faith here with ease has past [sic] -Allah knows best.

We urge UCL to see sense and rescind this extremist Islamophobic action immediately. Britain was once a place of freedom.

Normalised Islamic practices are now deemed as being against British cultural values, the message is clear, either lose Islam and join us in full or get out".

This hysterical message was further compounded by comments he later made on the same page, which included claims that this was evidence that "Muslims need to know their place - either shape up or ship out - this has been planned for ages" and that "Muslims should not go to these places unless to call people to Islam".

Bizarrely he also asked an individual who challenged him on the subject "Do you agree with the practice of incest?"

On a day when it was reported that 632 genuine incidents of anti-Muslim hatred had been reported to the Tell Mama hotline in the past year, the claim that UCL's actions were "Islamophobic" is sophism of the worst kind.

In addition to this, suggestions from Chamber's supporters that the segregation is being focused on to distract from Krauss losing the debate show a disgusting inability to understand the issue here. 

This statement from Chambers highlights the extent to which organisations like IERA are willing to use accusations of Islamophobia to deflect criticism, a tactic that cannot be allowed to succeed.