Written by Student Rights on 16 April 2013 at 6pm

CagePrisoners to hold two student events in Manchester (Update: Manchester Met event cancelled)

UPDATE: A statement has been released to Student Rights by Manchester Metropolitan University which suggests the event organisers attempted to avoid university oversight and reads:

"On April 17, managers at Manchester Metropolitan University  became aware of an event, which was due to be hosted at the university's Business School on 18th April 2013.

An internal booking system had been used inappropriately to bypass University procedure. Hence this was not an official event and organisers had not allowed for a proper risk assessment to take place as is the norm for all such events.

Lacking the necessary information or preparation, the University was unable to support this event and is had to be cancelled".

UPDATE: Following our discovery of this event, Student Rights contacted Manchester Metropolitan University to inform them of Jahangir Mohammed's past views, and asked them to ensure that there will be some level of oversight at this event to prevent the speakers from inciting violence or hatred.

We have since received an email from the university stating that the event has been cancelled, though are yet to be updated with a reason, with a statement expected tomorrow.

On the 4th April Student Rights wrote about an event featuring CagePrisoners director Asim Qureshi that took place at Birkbeck, and highlighted how this organisation was operating unchallenged on our campuses.

Since then, we have discovered that a further two events organised by CagePrisoners will be taking place on campus in Manchester this week.

On the 17th a flashmob will be followed by a workshop at the University of Manchester which will focus on “acts of injustice, countless breaches of human rights and violation of the fabric of society”.

This has been organised by the ‘Women for Liberation Society’, the new incarnation of a group suspended in February after we published footage of a speaker stating that homosexuality was an “atrocity, because it goes against what God says” and supporting the killing of gay men.

That these individuals have been able to continue their activities, despite the Student Union claimingthe society was suspended from the union pending investigation and has now disbanded”, shows how difficult challenging those intent on spreading extremism is.

The day after this workshop takes place, the Manchester Metropolitan University Business School will host a second CagePrisoners event entitled ‘Absent Justice’.

This will feature former Guantanamo detainee Omar Deghayes and CagePrisoners’ Jahangir Mohammed giving mindblowing talks”.

Deghayes maintains his innocence and was released without charge from Guantanamo in 2007, with a photograph US officials claimed showed him in Chechnya turning out to be mistaken identity.

Despite this, questions still remain about a Department of Defence memo from April 2004 released by Wikileaks, which claims that he admitted to working for Sanabil, also known as the Sanabel Relief Agency during his time in Afghanistan.

In 2006 Sanabel was designated as an Al-Qaeda-affiliate by the UN, which stated that its “first priority was providing support to the activities of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group”, an organisation which is proscribed in the UK.

Alongside Deghayes, Jahangir Mohammed will be talking about both Dr Aafia Siddique and Shaker Aamer, whose alleged links to terrorism we have written about on a number of occasions.

Mohammed has written of a “Muslim holocaust” in a deeply unpleasant article which refers to “new crusaders”, “Muslim civilians...being exterminated like cockroaches” and “Gestapo style military tribunals...established to liquidate Muslims where there is no evidence”.

He also claimed in an article from 2005 that:

Remove the mask from democracy and you see the same ingredients of previous crusaders - brute imperialism, colonialism, loot, plunder, murder and pillage.... Muslims do not want your democracy or your values...if you do not leave Muslims alone, and as long as you continue to Crusade against them and their lands, to enforce your ways, then there will inevitably be Jihad against you”.

On being handed a flyer promoting these events a student at the University of Manchester told Student Rights yesterday that “It seems the union has not in any way learnt the lessons of the Hizb-ut-Tahrir fiasco in February”.

Given the fact that these individuals appear to have been given an unchallenged platform at two separate universities this week with we would be inclined to agree with him.