Written by Student Rights on 19 April 2013 at 6pm

London Met Islamic Society share Abu Bushra videos

The use of social media to share videos of speakers with intolerant views is something which Student Rights regularly writes on, and material continues to be posted on student society pages.

On 13th and 14th April links to videos featuring Abu Bushra were posted on Facebook by the London Metropolitan University Islamic Society.

Bushra’s views on women are particularly unpleasant, as are his opinions on freedom of religion and relationships with non-Muslims.

In one of the videos recommended by the Society, Abu Bushra airs his views on what Muslim women should wear in public, including “no make-up, no anything on her face”.

In another speech he declares that “amongst the rights of your husband is to not leave the house without his permission…if he is the type of husband that says to you, you cannot make a move unless you tell him, that is his right”.

More worryingly, in another lecture on marriage, he appears to justify marital rape, claimingthe Muslim woman, she cannot refuse her husband if he calls her to his bed”.

Bushra further cements his misogyny by sayingDo not waste your time with those people who are always shouting for feminism, rights of women over men, equality. All of this is fake. It does not exist”.

Another theme of Bushra’s talks is communally divisive hatred of non-believers. In one video he declares:

Don’t be fooled by the income support they give you, don’t be fooled by the house and counsel that they give you…don’t be fooled by the red British passport that you have, because many Muslims say ‘I’m British’Now you have to make up your time, you have to make that decision.

There’s no more ‘I’m a British Muslim’, we’re not going to accept that. So it’s about time that you make up your choice, which comes first. When Islam and British come against each other you’ve got to make a choice”.

In addition to this, he also tells Muslims that “I’m trying to show you how when I said Islam tells you that you are not allowed to love the kuffar, that is not only one way hatred…I’m trying to show it's two way”. 

This is preceded by the claim that “In Islam, whether you like it or not, if you have any amount of love in your heart for those who Allah dislikes, and hate Allah and wage war against Allah and wage war against Allah and his messenger, if you have any amount of love in your heart, you are outside the fold of Islam”.

Incredibly, in another talk he also states that “If you refuse to pray Salah, then Sharia Law says that this punishment is death” and that “if you do not like Sharia law, you are not a Muslim”.

Considering the bigotry that is ubiquitous in Abu Bushra’s rhetoric, it is deeply concerning that the London Metropolitan University Islamic Society has chosen to share his material.

As long as material does not break the law, students should have the right to share and discuss it on social media.

However, for a student society, bound to the same Equality Guidelines as the university, the promotion of a speaker with such intolerant views should certainly be investigated by the university authorities.