Written by Student Rights on 25 April 2013 at 6pm

"Dying for Islam honourable" says ISOC before student's arrest (Update: Student sentenced to forty months)

UPDATE: It has been reported that following the sentencing of the plot ringleaders, Khobaib Hussain has been sentenced to forty months in prison.

Yesterday the Birmingham Mail reported that the sentencing of 11 men behind a plot to detonate a number of rucksack bombs had begun at Woolwich Crown Court.

One of the defendants, 21 year old Khobaib Hussain, who pleaded guilty to travelling abroad for the purposes of terrorist training, was a student at the University of Wolverhampton at the time of his arrest in November 2011.

Recruited by the ringleaders of the plot and sent to Pakistan for training during August 2011, Hussein returned home after three days when his relatives discovered the purpose of his trip.

The fact that he was a student at the time of his arrest should not be used to draw any conclusions as to his radicalisation process, and there is no evidence to suggest that it played any role.

We have also been unable to ascertain if Hussain was involved with the university's Islamic Society during his studies, but have uncovered an online comment made by the group weeks before his arrest which suggests that extreme views were held by some members.

Posted via the society’s Facebook account in the comments section of an LA Times article discussing the death of Anwar Al-Awlaki’s son, the statement supports martyrdom in battle and attacks on Western forces in Muslim countries.

Here it is in its entirety (emphasis added):

Start wars? What a silly comment... The reality is muslim lands have been invaded and each land will retaliate and rightly so. The west seem to believe they can drown down anyone they want at will! Every dictators time will come, we see them being toppled over day by day.Americas time will also come! 

I dont sympathise with tyrants who kill innocent people, but if you compare the number of muslims"terrorists" who have taken lives compared to Americas attrocious record, numbers speak for themselves. 

The attitude of some of you stinks, making such filthy comments about a child... However Islam came to enlighten the ignorant, before you make your judgements look into the root cause of why muslims all over the world are fighting invaders!! 

Just as a last point muslims believe if they DEFEAT the enemy in a battle they have succeeded, and if they DIE during the battle they have won and attained eternal bliss in Paradise!! Nothing is more honourable then dying for the cause of Islam (protecting your property etc). You cant defeat someone with that mentality and non muslim soldiers will never fight with that mentality, hence why they will never defeat Islam! Good day all. Try and broaden your minds”.