Written by Student Rights on 4 June 2013 at 12pm

Daily Mail: 'These women seem very traumatised LOL': Sickening video circulated by university Islamic Society claims Lee Rigby murder was a hoax

By Martin Robinson

3rd June 2013

An Islamic Society at one of Britain's largest universities has promoted a video claiming the execution of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich was a hoax cooked up by the state, it was revealed today.

Hours after the death of the soldier, 25, a Muslim student group at London Metropolitan University (LMU) circulated a YouTube film arguing the crime was manufactured using 'fake blood'.

The six minute video called 'Woolwich false flag b*******. Masses are in a state-sponsored trance', has been viewed by 300,000 people, and says that Scotland Yard detectives investigating the murder were Freemasons who were in on an anti-Muslim conspiracy.

The film even claims that traumatised witnesses were in on a hoax, taunting those who tried to comfort Drummer Rigby as he lay dying by saying:

'These women look very traumatised lol (laugh out loud).'

London Metropolitan University has previously admitted it would consider ending the sale of alcohol on campus in case it offended Muslim students.

Last year border officials also stripped the institution of its right to sponsor non-EU students, leaving thousands at risk of deportation, amid fears many were on courses there just to get a British visa.

Members of its LMU Islamic Society, who also posted the video on its Facebook page, have previously called non-Muslims 'evil' and heaped praise on the Taliban.

The video shows news coverage on the day of Lee Rigby's death, including his alleged killers covered in blood and holding weapons.

Over the pictures are subtitles, arguing his death was a conspiracy, including one asking: 'Where is the blood on his hands that is seen on most of the other videos?'.

As a reporter describes the scene in Woolwich the film says:

'Now add some fake blood and a fake media whore (reporter) talking s***, stating the obvious just in case you don’t get it and we got the made up news lol.'

It later says: 'I need proof and not fabricated ‘bs’ (b*******).' 

It then cuts to a police officer telling the public to 'move back'.

The subtitles then say: 'Yes listen to the masonic copper, move back before you film anything incriminating against their false flag charade.'  

A witness then describes what he saw, and the subtitles say: 'Makes sense to you? Sounds staged to me!!!... are you buying this?'.

The film's maker then goes on to pinpoint areas where fake blood was smeared by conspirators. 

It raises more questions about whether Britain's universities are being targeted by religious extremists bent on radicalising students.

'That a video like this was shared by students the day after a soldier was killed like that on London’s streets is deeply concerning, and highlights the ease with which social media allows material like this to be accessed,' Rupert Sutton, of anti-extremism think-tank Student Rights, told the Evening Standard.

'We’ve seen in the past how students can be led towards violence by online material, and for this reason university authorities should be increasingly aware of this kind of activity.'

The University today tried to distance itself from the video.

'The University is committed to ensuring all its students are free to study in a safe and secure environment,' a spokesman said.

'The views expressed by individual students or student societies, including on social media, do not represent those of the University.'

The LMU Islamic Society has so far refused to comment.