Written by Student Rights on 15 January 2014 at 11am

'Save our Syria' event with Dr Khalid Fikry promoted by students

With the conflict in Syria still raging over the winter, action aiming to support communities there is continuing in 2014, with an event called ‘Save our Syria’ due to take place in south London this weekend.

Promoted to students by the Islamic Society at Kingston University, who today will be themselves hosting an IERA training course on campus, the event features Dr Khalid Fikry as a key speaker.

Dr Fikry has shown regular rhetorical support for convicted terrorists, including in a tribute  to Omar Abdul Rahman, “the former mufti of Islamic Jihad and the Gamiyya Islamiyya who is currently serving a life sentence for conspiracy to commit terrorism in the United States”.

In this article Fikry, who claims to have spent time in prison with Rahman, declares that the sheikh faced “a false accusation and a political court”, “witness...from the hired agents”, and a “Jew Judge”.

In addition to this, he has also attended events held outside Belmarsh Prison in support of Muslim prisoners held there, and has attacked the detention of Abu Hamza Al-Masriconvicted of soliciting to murder in 2006, Khalid Al-Fawwaz, Osama Bin Laden’s UK spokesman, and Abu Qatada.

His support of Muslim prisoners also extends to the Al-Qaeda facilitator Dr Aafia Siddiqueconvicted of attempted murder in the US in 2010, who wrote during her trial that Jews are “cruel, ungrateful, back-stabbing people” and that “they masterminded 9/11, and I have proof of that”. 

Fikry is also virulently sectarian, and has declared that "Shia are of the worst and greatest enemies against our Ummah nowadays”, and that they believe “killing the Sunni is to raise your rank in Paradise, raping a Sunni woman is a matter that pleases Allah”.

The effect this rhetoric could potentially have on students can be seen in the fact that, just days after he was invited to speak at London Metropolitan University in October 2012, the Islamic Society ‘liked’ a Facebook page called ‘Reality of Shia’, later removed by Facebook.

This deeply bigoted page claimed that Shias are not Muslims” and urged that “we must destroy all false beliefs that were added into Islam after the death of the Prophet”.

Given that the Islamic Society at Kingston has already tried to book Dr Fikry to hold fortnightly talks on campus without informing the university, it is worrying that they are now promoting his off-campus events to their members.

Whilst supporting efforts to fundraise for Syria should be praised, here at Student Rights we hope that Kingston University will discuss this issue with the Islamic Society, and that the promotion of events featuring individuals like Dr Fikry will be avoided in future.