Written by Student Rights on 7 March 2014 at 12pm

Neo-Nazi 'National Action' highlight far-right threat on campus

Reports this week in the Huffington Post of a new Neo Nazi movement targeting UK university campuses are deeply disturbing, and highlight that any complacency about the far-right's ability to target students is extremely dangerous.

First appearing at Warwick University at a protest against the Socialist Workers Party speaker Alex Callinicos in January, ‘National Action’ is a small group of young men who spout racist rhetoric and list fascists including Oswald Mosley as their inspiration.

The group itself claims that “Golden Dawn in Greece are a perfect example of what we’d like to replicate”, referencing a fascist party described as “Europe's most violent political force”.

Material produced by National Action states that "Britain should be for British people" and encourages young people to “be proud you are fighting for your race and nation”.

A National Action Poster

It also echoes the anti-Semitic ‘Zionist Occupied Government’ rhetoric of the US Neo-Nazi scene, with their website claiming that “the entire civil service is in the hands of the Zionists and their liberal accomplices” and “the Zionists have taken control of the country behind the scenes”.

This anti-Semitism can also be seen in claims made by the group that:

There is no legitimate reason to not be a racist or an anti-Semite in 2014


"...Weakness on the Jewish question is simply unforgivable, ignorance is inexcusable, the Jew has a name and it glares you in the face when discussing any world problems".

Meanwhile, the organisation’s ‘National Strategy’ quotes Adolf Hitler on more than one occasion, and describe  immigrants as "disgusting" and "vicious" in their policy document.

These bigoted views are reflected in the vile racist posters produced by the group.

On 23rd February stickers promoting the group were found at Warwick University, prompting one student to state:

 “Incidences like this make clear we need to have more of a dialogue on race and racism at Warwick. Societies need to work together to combat such negative, dangerous attitudes.

Hopefully through a collaborative, sustained approach, we can remove this group from campus – no matter how big or small their influence might be at Warwick – and make it a safe space for ethnic-minority students”.

The targeting of campuses by the far-right is uncommon, but National Action has made clear that this is part of their strategy, writing that “The youth have finally found a true friend in the spectre of National Socialism”.

Following the formation of the anti-Muslim BNP front the ‘National Culturists’, exposed by Student Rights in 2012, this also highlights that far-right sentiments do exist on campus and must be challenged.

Here at Student Rights we would encourage students to report any such incidents involving this group to their university immediately, and to get in touch if they have any concerns.