Written by Student Rights on 28 April 2014 at 11am

National Action claim "reign of terror" planned for campuses

Last Friday the National Student carried an interview with a member of the far-right student group National Action, covered by Student Rights in March, in which it was claimed that campuses should expect a “reign of terror” in 2014.

The activist stated that the group was made up of an informal network of around 30 members, that it had “the Midlands, Northwest, and the South covered”, and was a mixture of 'hipsters' and 'skinheads'.

In addition to this, more of the organisation’s racist views were on show, including statements such as:

To be British you have to be white...if you are not white then you are by definition not British”.


We don't see mixed marriages as a good thing but it's only pathetic internet nerds who can't get laid and STD-infested sluts that indulge in that sort of thing”.

This vile rhetoric is similar to that on the group’s website or in its campaign material, which includes claims that:

There is no legitimate reason to not be a racist or an anti-Semite in 2014


"...Weakness on the Jewish question is simply unforgivable, ignorance is inexcusable, the Jew has a name and it glares you in the face when discussing any world problems".


The organisation’s ‘National Strategy’ also quotes Adolf Hitler on more than one occasion, and it has described  immigrants as "disgusting" and "vicious" in its policy documents.

Worryingly given that group's proclivity for violence against ethnic minorities, National Action has also expressed its admiration for the Greek Neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn, writingGolden Dawn in Greece are a perfect example of what we’d like to replicate”.

In early April 2014 National Action activists appeared on-campus at Swansea University, claiming via Facebook that they had “blitzed the University campus with leaflets and posters”, and posting pictures of material.

Meanwhile, in January 2014 the group targeted an event featuring the Socialist Workers Party speaker Alex Callinicos at the University of Warwick, while its stickers were found there in February.

Although the group appears small for now this should not lead universities to underestimate it, as its members clearly plan to carry out further activity on campuses around the UK.

This is likely to take the form of leaflet, sticker, and poster drops, and may include small-scale protests which would have a significant potential for disorder.

We also hope that students report any evidence of this group operating on their campus to their universities immediately, and encourage them to get in touch if they have any concerns.

Pictures taken from National Action Facebook or website