Written by Student Rights on 15 July 2014 at 1pm

Far-right National Action target UCL and London Met

As summer terms across the UK end, Student Rights has uncovered a final effort by the neo-Nazi group National Action to target campuses with its propaganda.

In a number of pictures uploaded onto the group’s Facebook page on 13th July members show the results of a poster campaign at University College London (UCL) and London Metropolitan University.

These included National Action flyers featuring a knife through a Socialist Workers Party logo being displayed at various points around the two universities, including UCL’s famous Portico.

The group claims to have used similar tactics in Nottingham, Newcastle and Cambridge, and in April 2014 Student Rights covered a poster drop at Swansea University.

This most recent incident demonstrates the group’s national reach, and its capacity to target campuses across the country, and is likely a key part of its promised campus campaign.

Led by Benjamin Raymond and Alex Davies, National Action is a racist organisation which has declared “to be British you have to be white...if you are not white then you are by definition not British”.

It is deeply anti-Semitic declaring:

There is no legitimate reason to not be a racist or an anti-Semite in 2014”.


"...Weakness on the Jewish question is simply unforgivable, ignorance is inexcusable, the Jew has a name and it glares you in the face when discussing any world problems".

In addition, the group regularly shares Nazi imagery and Holocaust denial online, while Raymond has been pictured making a Nazi salute on demonstrations.

Here at Student Rights we feel that the ongoing activities of National Action should be of serious concern for universities and we urge them to remain vigilant, with further poster drops likely.

It is also possible that the group will attempt to incite disorder on campuses as it did in January 2014 when it targeted an event featuring the Socialist Workers Party speaker Alex Callinicos.

Despite this however, the group still appears small, and given the far-right’s limited success among students it is unlikely to win a large student following.

This should not be cause for complacency however, with the group’s success in targeting campuses outstripping past efforts of the British National Party, and showing that even a small number of activists can have a worrying effect.

Pictures taken from National Action Facebook or website