Written by Student Rights on 26 August 2014 at 12pm

PFLP material shared with students

Since the escalation in violence between Israel and Palestinian militants in early July the rise in student activity has seen a small number of anti-Semitic incidents and the funding of extreme charities alongside legitimate activism. 

Compounding this, over the past week Student Rights has also uncovered the sharing of material relating to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) on student Facebook pages at the Universities of Birmingham, Leeds and East London.

Designated as a terrorist organisation by the US government and European Union the PFLP maintains an armed wing, the Abu Ali Mustapha Brigades, and was responsible for numerous attacks during the Second Intifada.

These included the assassination of the Israeli Tourism Minister Rehavam Zeevi in October 2001 and the suicide bombing of a Tel-Aviv market which killed three people in November 2004.

Despite being one of the smaller groups operating in Gaza, the PFLP has also been claiming attacks on Israel since July, including rocket attacks on civilians in the town of Ashkelon and nearby kibbutz.

In an article published on 25 August it claimed to have fired 518 rockets, though this is likely to be a significant exaggeration, and vowed revenge for the death of several of its fighters in Israeli air-strikes.

Given this clear evidence of continuing violence it is therefore concerning to see material from the group’s website, as well as a petition in support of a senior figure, being shared with students.

Here at Student Rights we have called for social media ‘Codes of Conduct’ to include extremist material and we hope that the universities in question will discuss this with the societies concerned.