Written by Student Rights on 7 October 2014 at 9am

National Action continue to target campuses

Last month Student Rights uncovered a picture showing members of the neo-Nazi group National Action on campus at the University of Leeds.

On 5th October, the group uploaded a YouTube video and an Action Report which detailed activists’ presence at Coventry University and the University of Warwick on 27th September.

In the report National Action members claim to have been able to access the Student Union building at Coventry University in order to abuse overseas students and unfurl a banner.

They also state that they were able to leaflet at the University of Warwick without challenge from security – despite three activists being turned away from campus earlier that day.

Following the group’s presence at the University of Leeds in September, and appearances at UCL and London Metropolitan University in July, this is further evidence of the ongoing far-right threat to campuses.

National Action regularly share Nazi imagery and Holocaust denial online, and can even be seen making Nazi salutes in one picture taken during their visit to the University of Warwick.

They claim that “to be British you have to be white”, promote anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, quote Adolf Hitler, and produce racist posters targeting immigrants.

Meanwhile, in an interview in April an anonymous member declared a “reign of terror” on campuses would be run throughout the 2014-15 academic year.   

That they have now appeared in force at three separate universities inside a month shows that universities must not be complacent about this threat.

As such, students should report any evidence of this group operating on their campus to their universities immediately – and get in touch with Student Rights if they have any concerns.