Written by Student Rights on 16 October 2014 at 7am

'Dawah Man' invited onto campus despite intolerant views (Update: Further event cancelled at UEL)

UPDATE II - 24/11/2014: An event logged featuring Mansur has today been cancelled by the University of East London over Mansur's homophobic views.

UPDATE: A further event featuring Ibn Mansur has been logged by Student Rights, with the speaker due to appear at the University of Wolverhampton on 6th November . 

Student Rights has recently uncovered repeated invitations to Imran Ibn Mansur, or Dawah Man’, to speak at universities around London, as well as at an upcoming event at Nottingham Trent University on 29th October.

Mansur is associated with the Islamic Education and Research Academy (IERA), an organisation banned from University College London (UCL) after it attempted to enforce gender segregation, and he has been known to teach courses on their behalf.

A frequent video blogger, he also expresses extreme and intolerant views through his online posts.

This has included homophobic advice, with Mansur declaring that homosexuality is an “obscene, filthy, shameless act”, and has also seen him attack “filthy Western culture”.

In another online video he can be seen comparing justifying homosexuality with justifying murder.

This offensive false equivalence can also be seen in a video on his YouTube account in which he expresses misogynistic views shaming women for having premarital sex – which he describes as “worse than murder”.

Prior to the upcoming event at Nottingham Trent, Mansur spoke at Queen Mary University twice in the past two weeks on both the 2nd and 8th October, and these recurring invitations raise questions around the protection of students from intolerance.

Students should be able to attend higher education without fear of bigotry or prejudice, and it is important questions are raised when speakers like Mansur are invited onto campus.

Openly homophobic and misogynistic views can cause students to feel uncomfortable or alienated, and Student Rights hopes the potential consequences of Mansur’s intolerant opinions are considered if he is invited to speak in future.