Written by Student Rights on 1 April 2016 at 2pm

Evening Standard Comment: Winning the battle of ideas over terrorism

By Evening Standard

1st April 2016

The effectiveness of this country’s efforts to stop young Britons being attracted by the false lure of extremism is called into renewed question today by two worrying developments.

The first is the disclosure in a report by the Henry Jackson Society’s Student Rights project that the number of events at London universities involving radical speakers with potentially inflammatory views has risen, despite the introduction of legal duty requiring institutions to stop people from being drawn into terrorism.

The second is the publication of research showing that most of the public believe the “Prevent” strategy set up by ministers to counter jihadist ideology is failing.

Neither finding is encouraging on a day when the Prime Minister has announced an extra 1,500 armed police nationwide in response to the threat of a Paris- or Brussels- style terrorist attack happening here.

Firing back when terrorists strike is necessary but stopping people joining their ranks in the first place is a far better solution.

To achieve this, universities must contribute, particularly in London from where several former students, including “Jihadi John” Mohammed Emwazi, have gone on to commit or attempt terrorist outrages.