Written by Student Rights on 11 April 2016 at 6am

The Sunday Times: Wake up to campus jihadists (£)

By Sian Griffiths 

10th April 2016

The 21-year-old physics student who was convicted last month of an Isis-inspired plot to kill soldiers and police officers had invited a preacher with extreme views on homosexuality to give a talk at his London university.

The revelation will reignite fears that universities have done too little to tackle the problem of extreme speakers on campus despite being required to do so under legislation that came into force last year.

Suhaib Majeed, a second-year undergraduate at King’s College London, was arrested in 2014 with his childhood friend Tarik Hassane, now 22.

The pair had bought a gun and planned to shoot police officers and soldiers outside Shepherd’s Bush police station and White City Territorial Army barracks in west London from the back of a moped.

Majeed researched the plot and used a laptop encryption program called Mujahideen Secrets to exchange messages with Hassane, who was studying at a medical school in Sudan after failing to get onto a UK course.

Hassane admitted conspiracy to murder and preparing terrorist acts; Majeed was found guilty of the same charges.