Written by Student Rights on 17 June 2016 at 5am

Daily Mail: Radical student leader claims young UK Muslims are travelling to join ISIS in Syria because of Goverment cuts to education

By Matt Dathan

16th June 2016

A radical student leader has blamed Government cuts to public services as the reason behind young British Muslims travelling to join terror groups such as ISIS.

Malia Bouattia, the controversial National Union of Students (NUS) president who has refused to condemn ISIS, claimed that young Britons have 'no choice but to go off to Syria' to join Islamic extremists because they 'feel so disempowered'.

Mass unemployment, the closure of youth centres and 'the fact that education is being privatised and rendered inaccessible' had taken away vital support networks for Britain's youth, she said.

Bouattia, 28, made the extraordinary claims in a debate at University College London last night on why more than 800 British citizens have travelled to join jihadi organisations in Syria and Iraq.

Her controversial comments, obtained by Huffington Post, were condemned by student groups. 

Gray Sergeant, National Organiser at Student Rights - a group that tackles extremism at university campuses, said her remarks 'misunderstand the problem'.