Written by Student Rights on 29 November 2009 at 11am

EVENT ROUNDUP - We Live In A Democracy

democracyeventflyer22Today, Student Rights launches it's latest campaign, "We Live In A Democracy."  Register for our event on Facebook by clicking here.

The campaign seeks to highlight the fact that today, in the United Kingdom, we live within a liberal democracy, where freedom of speech and freedom from oppression are key aspects of our lives.  These liberties and the ability to speak without fear are not just extended to some members of society.  Not just men or women, not those of a certain sexual orientation, nor only those of a certain age. They apply to everyone.Students included.

With many Student Unions voting on motions to politically ally themselves, or condemn other sovereign states around the world, Student Rights are launching an event to run alongside this campaign, as part of our, "Let's Talk," series.

In conjunction with the UCL Human Rights Society, we'll be hosting a panel discussion with guest speakers on the motion, "Student Unions should take political stances," with a direct case study reference to the Israel-Palestine conflict, and how this has shaped the nature of student interaction on campuses across the UK.

The details of the event can be found on the flyer (right), and on Facebook as well.  Please check back regularly for updates and venue information.