Written by Student Rights on 8 February 2010 at 7pm

Tamimi causing uproar at Cambridge

Controversial speaker Azzam Tamimi is due to speak on a university campus again tonight, after the recent furore over his appearance at Birmingham University just a few weeks ago. Recently, the Israel Society at Cambridge University cancelled speaker Benny Morris due to pressure from various sources who claimed Mr. Morris held views that were contrary to productive, inclusive values held by most at the university. 

Unfortunately, this argument has not won any favour from the Islamic Society at Cambridge, who have insisted on Tamimi as a speaker, despite his well established views regarding suicide bombings and Jews. Tamimi does not object to being introduced publicly as a supporter of Hamas, as he demonstrated in an interview with Jon Snow on The Weekly Planet:

Snow: But essentially, within the Palestinian framework, you would be sympathetic towards Hamas?

Tamimi: You can say that, yes [Source: The Weekly Planet, Channel 4, 16/10/96]