Written by Student Rights on 5 March 2010 at 11am

Azzam Tamimi: Discuss

Well known blog 'Harrys Place' have recently posted an interesting interview with controversial speaker Dr Azzam Al-Tamimi, who Student Rights have called out on various statements about martyrdom and the backing of Hamas. Speaking about the recent Fatwa against Terrorism, Tamimi explained his view that suicide bombings were justified as martyrdom under the appropriate circumstances.

Unfortunately, this doesn't quite hold true with the reality of the bombings, with many civilians being killed on a weekly basis by incidents such as this in disputed regions around the world. Al-Tamimi asks in the interview "What's the difference between a suicide bomber and someone who flies an F-16?" He continued "It's totally haram to attack innocent people, but it's a question of utility."

Tamimi does however go on to state that he does not encourage British Muslims to use these tactics, but that he cannot condemn suicide bombings across the world, due to the varied circumstances.

This is a topic we're happy to leave the comments section open on for anyone who wants to post a view. Please feel free to discuss.