Written by Student Rights on 15 March 2010 at 2pm

'Homophobic hate preacher' on campus

It came to my attention last week that Murtaza Khan, otherwise known as Abu Hasnayn Murtaza Khan is due to speak at Aston University this week as part of the Annual ISOC Conference 2010.  Taking place at the Great Hall on Wednesday 17th March, the event will be kicked off by a speech entitled, "The Divine Revelation," where Khan is listed as a speaker from the Tayyibun Institute.

What is distinctly worrying for me is that Khan featured in the Channel Four documentary, "Undercover Mosque" which also featured Abu Usamah, a man who has advocated throwing homosexuals off mountains.  Khan, it appears, has the same views. Two minutes into this video, Khan utters, the words, "Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.  How do you even come into existence if there's a relationship between and man and a man and a woman and a woman?" Going on to describe homosexuality as an 'abominable activity' whilst stating that he is not homophobic.

Khan also makes clear that he is not concerned about his lack of respect for women, in this video where he openly admits, "I don't care if I'm rude towards women who have nothing to do with me." [5 mins] This kind of preaching is precisely what Student Rights intend to continue to stand up against.  It is hate speech, make no mistake about it.  It is offensive, violent, extremist nonsense that has no place on our campuses and no place in our otherwise tolerant society.  Free speech absolutists have no tenable position when the freedom and safety of others is under threat and this is precisely what Khan and his comrades seek to do.

I have written to Aston University today citing my problems with having Khan on campus as a speaker and hope to hear back shortly.  You can view my letter to the University below and contact them on any of the addresses or telephone numbers listed here. I  hope you all agree.  It's time to get serious in our fight against extremism.