Report an Incident!

Is something not right on your campus?

If you suspect activity on your campus which doesn't seem right to you - it's better to be safe than sorry - report it!

You can let any of your pastoral staff, teaching staff or university management know. You can also report the incident to Student Rights to investigate.

Before you report an incident please note Student Rights does NOT:

- Investigate problems occuring through the academic process i.e. marking, examinations or similar;

- Represent students legally or seek to undertake individual causes on behalf of students;

- Investigate incidents relating to administrative errors, university tuition or the quality of teaching at universities.

Student Rights DOES:

- Investigate incidents of extremism, violence, radicalisation, racism or prejudice, unbalanced platforms and abuse of university property;

- Investigate university funding sources;

- Investigate and compile information on non-university-approved literature, images or electronic information being disseminated on campuses.


How to report an incident:

You can report an incident to us in a number of ways. This could include emailing us at: info[at], tweeting us @Student_Rights, or sending us a message on Facebook