• Student Rights submits written evidence to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Freedom of Speech in Universities

  • UWE Student Union President legitimises MEND extremists

    MEND has been incredibly active on student campuses in recent weeks, most notably through its leadership of a series of events held across the country, which collectively comprise the ‘Islamophobia Awareness Month’ (IAM) campaign. Despite this title, there are now signs that these efforts leave behind them an ugly trail of extremism. For instance, the IAM events at the University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol were organised by Zain Choudhry, President of the UWE Students’ Union. These events featured extremists such as MEND representative Sahar al-Faifi and CAGE’s Outreach Director Moazzam Begg. Choudhry ridiculed criticism of MEND’s ties to extremism on Twitter. However, in recent days, the President himself has been under scrutiny, condemned by fellow students for describing a rival candidate for a student election as a “very Zionist type [of] person”. This incident underscores the dangers of allowing groups such as MEND to engage in de facto campaigning activity on campus, and to do so without challenge.

  • ‘Students Not Suspects’ begin new tour with CAGE speaker convicted of terror offence

  • Student unions reveal hypocrisy and absurdity over speaker policies

  • UCL due to host Hamas apologist Azzam Tamimi

    On 10 November 2017, the UCL Friends of Palestine will host an event with Dr. Azzam Tamimi, a Palestinian academic, in conjunction with student Palestine societies at Westminster, Queen Mary, KCL, City University, and Imperial College. Tamimi will speak alongside anti-Israel activist Miko Peled. Given Tamimi’s public support for Hamas, his use of anti-Semitic tropes, and his endorsement of violent extremism, it is highly disturbing that he is being given an unbalanced platform to spread his views on campus. As it stands, the event does not provide a satisfactory forum for challenging extremism or safeguarding the welfare of students. University authorities should intervene so that the event can take place with an independent moderator, a balanced panel, and university and/ or student union staff present. The event should be postponed if these conditions cannot be met.

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